Lean audits will give you the foundation to bind existing and to win new customer and clients. Why?

Think about what means real value to the customer?

  • an attractive (highly competitive) price
  • best service level
  • best quality

Price effects of a lean audit

  1. There are different models and approaches to come to the market price of your product or service.
  2. Most probably you take costs in account.
  3. To be competitive you need to work on your costs constantly to be competitive.
  4. The foundation for cost reduction is a clear understanding, where is the right place or what is the right process to reduce cost without doing uncoordinated “cost cutting”
  5. A lean audit result shows, where are your weaknesses!
  6. This gives you the chance to increase efficiency and reduce the efforts, rework, scrap, inventory and various other costs, which are hidden in your market price.
  7. The customer will get more value and less waste (hidden costs) with your product/service and you will be able to forward your savings towards your customers.

Service level effects of a lean audit

Do you always deliver on time?

Do you deliver on date requested by your customer on your own confirmed date?

Stop ignoring the wishes and demands of your customer. You will be able to deliver towards requested dates if you are working smart on it. The lean audit is the start and the benchmark for your continuous improvement.

Quality effects of a lean audit

What is your understanding of quality?

For your customer it is much more than e.g. a product with build in quality. The quality awareness is about the way your company communicates to the market, the shareholders and each employee of you in the public or private environment.

The lean audit will give you a complete overview of your quality.

The will to change is a start. Take action and get in touch to bring your company towards the next level of world-class companies.